Greece from  Home


This year the whole world has been challenged by a global pandemic  . Many things changed in a short time and millions of people had to give up their dream vacation . It is  time to mind our health but this should not stop us from dreaming or experiencing. We would like to present you Greece from Home .


Sit back , relax and get ideas for your next trip .

In this list we will present 7 must see places all over Greece starting from Athens .


1.The Acropolis

The Acropolis is located in Athens , just 20 minutes from our hotel and is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

For over 2500 years it is recognized globally as a symbol of the Greek spirit and culture . Although , some of the artifacts can be found in various museums around the world , nothing compares to seeing the Parthenon , the Karyatides and temples with your bare eyes . The Acropolis museum besides being an architecture gem , it completes the experience and leaves you with a feeling of awe .

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Santorini is probably the most famous Greek island . Being an inactive volcano it offers an incredible volcanic scenery . Moreover , the majestic view in Oia and some of the most peculiar beaches with red ,black sand and volcanic rock beaches are in Santorini .

It is also recommended for adventure seekers as it offers many hiking trails and of course, a trip to the volcano .



The famous , or should we say infamous Mykonos is known for its luxury and party spirit but nobody can deny the authentic Cycladic vibes of Chora . Depending on the time of the year , you can have a completely different experience in  Mykonos and this summer may be a unique chance to see Mykonos like never before .


4.Navagio Shipwreck

If you are searching for a trip in Greece , pictures of the Navagio Shipwreck and its beach must be popping up everywhere . It is located in Zakynthos or Zante island . You can access it with a boat and get the chance to explore the shipwreck and swim in the blue waters  . There are many different boat tours  and the bonus is the stops in hidden beaches and sea caves . A second bonus is the chance to see the Caretta Caretta turtles since Zakynthos is their home .



Our next stop in the tour “Greece from home ” takes us to Crete .

Crete is the biggest Greek island and we do not know what to begin with .

You can stay for 10 days and it still would not be enough .

Let’s start with the Palace of Knossos , located in Heraklion . This is the largest Palace of the Minoans , the first civilization in Europe built over 4000 years and it was way ahead of its time featuring 5 story buildings and the elaborate drainage system in the word .

Now it is beach time , as Crete has not one but over 10 unique and amazingly beautiful beaches . Some of these are Balos beach ,  Falassarna , Elafonisi , Kedrodasos , Finikodasos , Amolofi , Vai beach , Preveli beach and many more . Like we said Crete is very big and these beaches are in different regions around the island so most probably , you will not be able to visit them all but it is worth trying  . Some of this beaches have pink sand full of tiny pieces of broken sea shells , some have black sand , some are connected to a lake or river creating a beautiful landscape and each one of them has a unique characteristic that you cannot find elsewhere.


Meteora is another Unesco World Heritage Site located in Trikala , Kalampaka . No wonder this was chosen as a spiritual , remote place where Monks hid and built their Monasteries 15 centuries ago . The Monasteries lie inside the numerous caves of this huge rock in the middle of nowhere . There are many myths surrounding the formation of this rock . Even if you do not want to visit the Monasteries, it is something worth seeing and the view at the top is rewarding . You can take an easy route or you can opt for a more fun way to reach it like the hiking trails or attempt to climb the sides .



Olympus is the home of the 12 Ancient Greek Gods and the beginning of Greek Mythology . It is the biggest mountain in Greece rising 2917 meters above the ground and is one of the landmark hikes in Europe . You may not aspire to reach the top but there are many different hiking routes to follow for all levels . We do not need to mention that the view is incredible. We do need to mention the variety of vegetation, wildflowers , rare trees , the wildlife and bird population  that you can come across while hiking . Last but not least , you can explore caves , rivers and waterfalls and even enjoy a swim in the sea nearby on your way back .

This is our take on the “7 wonders of Greece “

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Hopefully , you will be able to travel soon and  you will enjoy these places just as much as we do .

Let’s visit Greece from Home for a little longer .

Do not stop dreaming !


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