Summer in Athens

We are in the middle of summer in sunny Greece. While travelers come from all over the world to visit one of our many islands they should not forget about the summer in Athens .  For those who will spend some days in Athens and Attalos hotel we are here to give you all the necessary information you need to make the most of your stay.No matter how long you will be staying, there are some must do things and summertime “activities” you can try.

Daytime Activities

To begin with ,  you definitely have to visit the Acropolis and the Acropolis museum . During summertime we suggest that you wake up early , have a good breakfast and head to the Acropolis hill before it gets too hot. That way you will also avoid a queue for the tickets. You can visit more archaeological sites if you wish and for that purpose we suggest to get the multi-ticket at the cost of 30 euro. This ticket is valid for 3 days and includes the Acropolis and 6 mores sights .

If you cannot stand the hot sun and want to do something more relaxing you could take a trip to Sounion . Sounion has archaeological interest as well and is on the seaside . Otherwise, you could simply visit the Athenian Riviera and enjoy some beachtime. Vouliagmeni lake is one of the most beautiful places you could go for swimming . However, Athens offers many options and beaches that are easy to get to and are about an hour away from the city center maximum.

If that is also not what you are looking for , you could spend a day walking around in Plaka and Anafiotika area . There you can have a coffee in one of the classical coffeeshops, try some traditional Greek sweets and pastries and enjoy the summery and almost island like vibe of these streets. Although they are a tourist attraction you will find out that they are unexpectedly peaceful .

Another daytime activity could be to visit one of the islands that are close to Athens . It may not be exactly summer in Athens but you could reach some of these islands in less time than the Athens beaches. Even if you have already booked a trip to one of the main islands , if you have enough time we would suggest a trip to Aegina, Agkistri , Hydra , Spetses or Poros . You could also stay there for a couple days or visit more than one of them.

Night time Activities

As for night time activities there is plenty.
In Athens you will have the chance to enjoy a nice dinner with view and/or with live Greek music . If you feel like partying just a little bit you can visit one of the numerous cool bars around the hotel or if you are a more chill type of person you could simply stroll around the city or even up the Acropolis hill and view it lit up.

For those seeking to enjoy culture , we would suggest to go to the Herodes Theater where you can enjoy concerts and theatrical plays daily . You could also watch a movie at the open summer cinema in Thisseio .
Another option would be to visit the Stavros Niarchos Cultural Foundation that also hosts the National Library , the Opera house and is a building with great architectural interest. Furthermore it hosts galleries , shows , concerts , lessons and many more activities that you can take advantage (most of them are free ). It is a place to relax and offers a great panoramic view. This is something you don’t want to miss out. 

Last but not least , you can enjoy a drink on our rooftop bar while overlooking the Acropolis .

We hope that this was helpful. Our reception staff is always there to give you the best advice for restaurants , tours and any other information you may need.
We are looking forward to welcoming you and we wish you to enjoy your summer in Athens and Attalos Hotel !