200 years of Greek Independence

200 years of Greek Independence

Ελληνική Επανάσταση 1821 - Οι ήρωες, τα ηρωικά γεγονότα και οι καθοριστικές μάχες - Φάκελος - Σαν Σήμερα .gr

On March 25th 2021 we celebrate 200 years of Greek independence since the outbreak of the War against the Ottoman rule in 1821.  This is a very important moment for Greek history and civilization as it is proof of the Greek spirit and inner strength to overcome any struggle .

In 1821 , Greeks united and started a revolution against the Turkish yoke. This was a chase for freedom that had started already since 1818 with smaller battles . The revolution started in Peloponnese and lasted 8 years . Although , the Ottomans were defeated , only in 1829 Russia invaded the Ottoman Empire and forced it to accept Greek autonomy in the Treaty of Adrianople . Greece was finally recognized as an independent state under the London Protocol of February 1830. Further negotiations in 1832 led to the London Conference and the Treaty of Constantinople through which the final borders of the new Independent Greek state were defined .

Heroes of the Greek revolution

The main heroes of the Greek revolution were Kleftes (bandits ) and Armatoloi (gunholders ) .

Kleftes were basically the Greek army , formed by rebels hiding in the mountains and attacking the Ottomans in every chance . They were organized in small groups and were constantly moving . It was a huge honor to be a Kleftis and fight for freedom .

Armatoloi were Greek soldiers hired by the Turkish rule to keep the state in order and to suppress the revolutionaries . The paradox is the Armatoloi were the most notorious Kleftes originally . The Ottomans tried to buy off the strongest Kleftes by giving them land , power and leading positions requesting them to stop the revolution and fight their former comrades and compatriots . This plan was not successful as most Armatoloi accepted these favors  to have access to the Turkish plans and give information and assist the Kleftes .

Of course , we should not forget the great part that Filiki Etaireia (Friendly Society ) and the Philhellenists played throughout the revolution .


There have been more than 2000 proposals for the Celebrations submitted by local authorities, institutions, associations and foundations both in Greece and from other countries . Sadly , due to the Covid outbreak and Greece being under lockdown , it will not be possible to celebrate as planned .

However , this has not presented an obstacle to the implementation of four emblematic actions for the future of Greece . Those are :

  • The organization of an international Forum under the theme “Greece in 2040” where Greek scientists and world-renowned personalities will map the country’s path  to the future.
  • The creation of a Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, an initiative that will put Greece at the forefront of the global technological avant-garde.
  • The “Festival of the Cities”, an action for celebrations next summer in 51 cities in Greece.
  • And the action “Walking in the Footsteps of 1821”, through which 200 young people will travel on historical routes associated with the Greek Revolution in 40 cities throughout Europe.

“Freedom or Death”

Greek history is a great example of patriotism , strength and passion for higher ideals . The Greek revolution has been symbolized as “ Eλευθερία ή Θάνατος “ , that means “Freedom or death “ . Greeks were dedicated to take back their land and rights and were ready to collectively give their lives to achieve this  .

The Greek Independence day is celebrated every year on March 25th with military and civil parades in every city and cultural events . During the celebration you will see Greek flags hanging from the balconies , olive tree branch decorations and wreaths laid in memory of those who fought and fell in battle . You can enjoy an audio description and tribute to the revolution here .


This celebration comes in a time of hardship for the whole world but is a great reminder that united we can grow stronger . Attalos hotel will also be back stronger and better , ready to welcome guests as soon as the circumstances allow us to open again .

We offer a 15% discount for all reservations through our website or by email in an effort to support travelers and spread the meaning of Greek hospitality .

Great things are coming !


Melina Zisi

Attalos Hotel Manager