Acropolis Rally 2021

Acropolis Rally 2021

The 2021 Acropolis Rally also known as the EKO Acropolis Rally of Gods 2021 ,  is a well known motor racing event for rally cars .

For the first time in history, the rally will go through the most central square of Athens, Syntagma square . The spectacle will have the parliament as its background . Exclusive images and the race will be broadcasted to every corner of the globe and are about to be viewed by more than 500 million people. Lucky visitors and residents of Athens will have the opportunity to watch it live and take part to the festivities . Among the events is a rally and classical cars exhibition  .

The Acropolis Rally was first held in 1951 and has appeared in the WRC 38 times.

This is a throwback from the 24th Acropolis rally.

The rally is coming back to Greece after 8 years and will last four days, between 9 and 12 September 2021.

It will mark the 65th  race of the Acropolis Rally. The event will be the ninth round of the 2021 World Rally Championship .

On  September 9, the streets around Syntagma Square will compose the 0.98km long, first special stage of the rally . The first car will pass at 18:08 and the speeding cars will continue racing for about 2 hours . After 20:30 the rally cars will remain parked for viewing and photos at the square until Friday morning . The 2021 event will be based in the town of Lamia in Central Greece and will be contested over fifteen special stages totalling 292.19 km in competitive distance .

This is an exciting event for lovers of speed cars but also for anyone that wants to get a taste of this rare sight .

The entrance to the event and festivities is free and all safety measures will be followed strictly .

You can read more on the rally official page or the dedicated page for Acropolis rally.

The municipality of Athens has proceeded to close the main roads around the city center as well as the Syntagma metro station during the hours of the event.

We are honored to host the Acropolis Rally again after so many years . Especially going through difficult times worldwide due to Covid , it is a reminder that life is a race and we have to keep going .

Let’s all take our time to enjoy it and think positive for the future .

Our hotel can offer more information to any guest that is interested .

Melina Zisi / Manager

Attalos Hotel